Russia's first sustainable city development plan has been elaborated

Within the framework of the project "Multimodal cities. Conversion to the urban sustainable transport systems» of the Baltic sea region 2014-2020 program, Russia's first sustainable development plan was formulated - the Pskov SDG-2030, which integrates 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs). During the process of wide participation of Pskov residents in focus groups on the creation of the Pskov SDP-2030, organized by the Pskov city Administration together with the ICSEI "Leontievsky center" and the international partner initiative Green Mobility, was established the dialogue with more than 2,700 Pskov residents, companies, institutions, initiatives and associations, universities etc. to develop the main goal of the Pskov SDP-2030. The Central question was about how life in Pskov should look like in 2030, and how the 17 global sustainable development goals can be implemented at the local level. The goal-setting of the Pskov SDP-2030 has become the result of this work.

Разработан первый в России План устойчивого развития города

В рамках проекта «Мультимодальные города. Переход к городским устойчивым транспортным системам» Программы Регион Балтийского моря 2014-2020 был разработан первый в России План устойчивого развития города - ПУР Пскова до 2030, в который интегрированы 17 целей устойчивого развития (ЦУР).

В процессе широкого участия жителей Пскова в фокус-группах по созданию ПУР Пскова 2030, организуемых Администрацией города Пскова совместно с МЦСЭИ «Леонтьевский центр» и  международной партнерской инициативой Green Mobility, был налажен диалог более чем с 2700 жителями Пскова, компаниями, учреждениями, инициативами и ассоциациями, университетами, НКО и другими, для разработки основной цели ПУР Пскова 2030. Центральным вопросом было то, как должна выглядеть жизнь в Пскове в 2030 году, и как 17 глобальных целей в области устойчивого развития могут быть реализованы на местном уровне. Результатом данной работы стала постановка основной цели ПУР Пскова 2030. 

Game of Goals
Transport Summer School 

During 17-25 August 2020, leading experts and mentors in sustainable development and transportation planning brought together to hold the Online Transport Summer School “The New Silk Road: Trends and Opportunities in Urban Mobility and Green Logistics”. For about a week, through playing the Game of Goals business game, the school participants had been studying the prospects for the Central Asia region in transportation and logistics and how the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) implementation are changing urban mobility. The school participants put the knowledge gained into practice through developing project ideas, led by the mentors from around the world (Almaty, St. Petersburg, Skolkovo, Moscow, Dresden, Tallinn), who gladly shared their invaluable experiences with future decision makers.

There is a new mayor in Pskov!

The new mayor of Pskov was elected on August 27, 2020

Congratulations To Lily Gutsul (the student of the 8th grade) the first school mayor of the promotion of cycling in Pskov. Lily has been actively working for more than two years on the Pskov sustainable development plan until 2030, participating in work meetings and providing assistance of organization focus groups for schoolchildren and representing the interests of the entire school community. At the moment the school mayor has highly significant goals - representing the interests of the Pskov school community in creating and developing a safe infrastructure for schoolchildren. In September, at a high-level transport conference, the school mayor will represent the action plan for the implementation of the Pskov sustainable development plan until 2030.

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