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I International Green
Mobility Awards Ceremony

On 23 October 2017, the first International GREEN MOBILITY AWARDS CEREMONY 2017 was held in St. Petersburg as part of the XVI Annual Strategic Planning Leaders Forum of the Regions and Cities of Russia: Implementation Tools and Resources.



Design within a New Culture of Placemaking from a Nordic City’s Perspective
Stephen Willacy, chief architect of the municipality of Aarhus (Denmark)

Strategies of Russian Regions: Contribution to the Global Agenda 2030 and Achievement of 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Nikolay Asaul, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

EV Norway. Powered by nature: a guide to Norway, the world’s leading EV market
Inge Aarhus, Environment Lillehammer - Lillehammer miljø. Director (Norway)

Cycling Along the Baltic Sea: How Can International Cycle Routes Contribute to Bicycle Infrastructure in Regions such as the Leningrad Region

Michael Cramer, European Parliament. Member (Germany)

Greenways development in Europe/Latvia/Estonia, further opportunities in Russia

Raitis Sijats, Latvian Greenways Association. Director

Nordic Green to Scale – Low-Carbon Success Stories to Inspire the World (Transport). Presentation of the report and Project results on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers

Matti Kahra, The Finnish Innovation Fund SITRA. Specialist

GREEN DENMARK: Environmental issues and solutions
Finn Andersen, Director of Danish Cultural Institute in St. Petersburg

Development of non-motorized modes of transportation and small personal e-mobility means an important alternative to using a car in cities

Vadim Donchenko, Scientific and Research Institute of Motor Transport Plc.. Research Supervisor, Elected Chairman of the steering Committee Bureau, TheTransport, Health, Environment Pan-European Program (THE PEP)


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