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IV International Green Mobility
Awards Ceremony

On 25 October 2021, the IV International Green Mobility Awards Ceremony 2020-2021 took place at the XIX Annual Strategic Planning Leaders Forum of the Regions and Cities of Russia: Reality 2020 and Agenda for the Next Decade (St. Petersburg)

2020-2021 Green Mobility Award Laureates:

  • Pskov, Russia
    Awarded for the creation of the first city sustainable development plan in Russia

  • The Council of the Baltic Sea States
    Awarded for exceptional contribution to sustainable urban development

  • Alexander Osipov, Governor of Trans-Baikal Territory 
    Awarded for exceptional contribution to sustainable development


The Awards Ceremony was followed by a panel discussion entitled Cities for People of the 21st Century: Ensuring Safe, Smart and Attractive Urban Environment and Sustainable Mobility. 

At the panel discussion, laureates and invited guests of the International Green Mobility Award will debate best initiatives, experiences and practices for implementing innovative projects and sustainable development strategies, reducing greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions, transforming energy efficiency systems for the needs of the city’s life support, as well as creating convenient, affordable, attractive and green public spaces. A bright strategic event will be the presentation of the first Russian Plan for the Sustainable Development of the city of Pskov until 2030, in which the SDGs are integrated.

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